Changes to Forum Awards and Introducing Mentors and Two New Staff Members

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Jan 10, 2016
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First, I'd like to welcome SweetiePuff @SweetiePuff and Serial Mom @Serial Mom to the the MTC staff! We appreciate you both volunteering and we're really excited to work with the two of you.

If you've noticed some people around with the Mentor banners, those are our first volunteers for our new Mentor program. The idea behind this program is to try to engage newer members and make sure they're getting the help they need. If you'd like more info about it, feel free to check out our MTurk Mentors thread. Or, if you'd like to ask our Mentors a question, you can send any one of them a private message or tag them in any thread with @Mentor.

We're making a few changes to the forum awards. After holding a vote in yesterday's work thread, it seems that an overwhelming majority of members feel that the HIT Poster Award should be worth a little more than the Crowd Pleaser Award. So we're increasing the monetary award associated with HIT Poster from $20 to $40 and full contributor perks are now included with the prize. The Crowd Pleaser Award will retain its contributor perks, but the monetary award will be decreased from $40 to $20. The lockout period for HIT Poster will also be extended from six months to one year, bringing it in line with the current Crowd Pleaser lockout. This change will apply to past and future winners and winners of both awards will still only be allowed to win each award a total of two times. Full HIT Poster Award rules can be viewed here and full Crowd Pleaser rules can be viewed here.

Just one more minor thing. If you have any questions about the forum or need to get a hold of a staff member for whatever reason, you may now tag us with @Staff. That will tag every member of the staff, increasing the chances that one of us will be able to respond to you quickly, rather than if you just tagged one of us specifically.

I think that's it for now. Thanks, everybody. :love:
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