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Nov 18, 2019
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I am about 2 weeks into Mturk. Due diligence investigating has comprised the bulk of said time--yet even after investigation I persist:thinking:...ikr? lol.

I am amazed I have never discovered Mturk till now. I've sought extra side income via the internet since Referback and the advent of Melaleuca(man, I wish I'd have invested more effort).

I read the forum guidelines. I guess that in regards to a post's topic area we are to use our judgement?

I have used some resources posted by members, and after parsing through the posts implemented MTS--though I am script-level ignorant, I had success with the posted guide!

I suffered a spinal fracture & severe concussion in 2017--car crash(an individual who had no-fault but is harmed in a vehicle crash will use the word "crash," while the at-fault party will use the word "A C C I D E N T."fwiw).

Loss of employment after consumption of FMLA days, post-fusion rehabilitation, a magnitude of cognitive deficits, and physician /attorney(litigation still pending) appointments have been my life the past 24 months. I was recently awarded Maximum Medical Improvement.

Mechanical Turk and it's online worker presence will be an aid to me in my goal to return to private large company employment. Since the crash, I've ran combines and grain buggies at harvest, hauled 15 tons of soybeans/corn in 18 wheeler(farmers are exempt from driver license credentials, btw), ran excavator to stockpile turkey manure, installed Echo devices galore, and became a glorified grounds keeper to the very wealthy of my community for money.

Those jobs didn't require communicating with many. Mturk can aid me in re-establishing communication skills I believe--I've already emailed Requesters to seek rejection removal...and with success!

Sorry for the length of the post. I just seek to exhibit intent and sincerity.

My question(s):

1. How does your Mturk workday progress? How is it built?

2. Aside from Mturk Crowd, what one(1) tool/script would you label as OP?

Regards & Cheers!

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