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The Ghost of MTurk Past
Jan 10, 2016
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Highlights from the latest blog post:

- Project templates are now mobile-ready
We continue to make progress building your new Worker experience. We are designing this new platform to make it easier for Workers to complete HITs on the personal computers as well as their mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. To get the most from this new experience, it’s important that Requesters design their HITs to work just as well on the small screen of an iPhone as they do on the large screen of a desktop computer.

- More Premium Qualifications available for Requesters
Since launching the first Premium Qualification in August, we’ve continued to introduce new Premium Qualifications weekly. Requesters can now find the best Workers based on attributes including Mobile Device Ownership, Parenthood, Education Level, US Political Affiliation and Past Election Participation, Tablet Ownership, and more.

- Welcoming Requesters in more countries
Now Requesters in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom can register participate in MTurk.
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