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The Ghost of MTurk Past
Jan 10, 2016
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From the official MTurk blog:

Changes to “Your HITs Queue” behavior
A lot of Workers have told us they didn’t like the way “Your HITs Queue” behaved on the new Worker site. When a Worker finished a HIT within the queue, instead of being directed to work on the next HIT, they would be redirected back to the overall list of queued HITs. We have gone ahead and changed this behavior so that finishing a HIT in the queue will bring you directly to the next HIT.

Knowing which HITs you already worked on
Many Workers accept and work on HITs that they find on the main Search page. Sometimes this results in inadvertently clicking on and attempting to accept HITs which they have already worked on. We have made a change that makes it much easier to identify HITs you already worked on by changing the color of the “Accept & Work” button