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Jan 10, 2016
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If you're a turker, you need to be using Turkopticon!

This is a free site to read and write reviews of requesters you work for. It is not associated with Amazon. Accounts are free but you must register and log in to read or write reviews. Leave warnings for workers if you have bad experiences and leave raves for great requesters who pay fairly and treat workers well.

There are a few ways to use the site. You can navigate directly to the site to read and write reviews: https://turkopticon.ucsd.edu/

You can also download the Chrome extension, the Firefox extension, or the Firefox or Chrome browser script. More information is located on the Turkopticon site itself.

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions for the site itself, Turkopticon also has a discussion forum.


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Jan 12, 2016
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I strongly recommend everyone use the userscript version of Turkopticon instead of the standalone browser extension versions. The userscript version is preferable both because it will allow you to adjust the execution order and excluded pages when needed, and most importantly, it will let you submit reviews with the actual current display name of the requester account.

Reviews submitted through the extension versions seem to pick up the first display name that the first review of that requester account ID was ever submitted under, instead of the most recent name under which you saw/completed a HIT from them. This bug has been around for years, due to how Six (the creator) programmed the extensions. So when a requester has changed their display name in the past (which some have done several times), if you look at the page of all reviews for that requester, it is extremely common to see multiple reviews show up with the original name on them at more recent dates than when the name change actually happened. If you read enough TO reviews, you will see histories littered with many examples of this. Contrary to the beliefs of some willfully-ignorant rude people, this is not an indication of some nefarious plot by the requester (and they ought to be grateful to someone trying to explain how this works, instead of getting pissed).

Some other functionality points all TO users should be aware of:

Reviews are grouped together on TO by the requester's account ID, not their display name. If you notice that a previous requester has switched to a new account ID, don't ask/complain that their reviews should be 'merged' or 'linked'; that's not how the site's database is designed/intended. Just post a review or comment on both accounts mentioning what their other ID is.

If you search for a requester's name on the TO website, you may get search results that include multiple often-unrelated requester accounts with the same or similar display names. A note at the top of the search results page will warn that there are x number of different requesters included in the results. Make sure you have the correct requester ID before randomly picking one of the requesters which might not be the one you wanted.

And also, if you search for a requester's name on the TO website, you won't see results that were (chronologically-correctly or due to the aforementioned longstanding bug) reviewed under a previous display name for that account. So be sure to click on the requester's name next to one of the results, to go to the page where you can see all reviews submitted for that requester ID regardless of name.

Another bug with some means of submitting reviews, I'm not sure which: some reviews will have mangled display names (which therefore would also be missed in search results if you don't click on the name to see all of that requester account's reviews). This happens if the requester's name included an ampersand (everything from the '&' onward gets cut off) or accented characters (they get turned into %-encoded junk). I think it's the darn extensions again, don't recall it happening to me when I submitted reviews using the userscript version or on the website.
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Robert Dingle

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Jul 25, 2016
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Most of the requesters are honest and trustworthy, only a few are not.