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Jan 11, 2016
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In full disclosure, the links I've posted are referral links that will earn me a little cash. If you think my information is good, I'd love if you used them. Otherwise, you can just go to or :)

Spend money to make money (or, at least, get a little of what you spend back)! I'm sure many of you have heard of these programs but I thought I'd mention them just in case.

You sign up at TopCashback and/or Ebates. You get money by shopping through the sites and receiving cash back on your purchases. So if you wanted to buy some at Nordstrom, you'd do a search on one of the sites and then click through to Nordstrom. It'll record your visit and then add the promised cash back percentage to your account when approved.

TopCashback doesn't offer a signup bonus but they guarantee the highest percent cash back over competitors. There is no minimum amount to cashout on TopCashback but your earnings can take quite awhile to become "payable." I have never not gotten paid, though. Payout methods include ACH (direct deposit to your bank account), PayPal, American Express Reward Card and Amazon Gift Cards. If you cash out via the latter two methods, you receive a 2.5% bonus. I prefer TopCashback to Ebates because they almost always have a higher percentage cash back available but I use Ebates sometimes too.

Here's my proof of earnings from TopCashback:

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Ebates is currently offering a signup bonus of $10. Ebates pays out in what they call "Big Fat Payments" four times a year regardless of how much you have approved in your account. You can choose to be paid with a physical check, Paypal or you can donate it to a charity or family member. One benefit of Ebates over TopCashback is their browser extension. You can just shop as usual and if cash back is available on the site you're browsing, it will pop up and you can just confirm you want to use it. The payment schedule is as follows:

This is proof of my earnings from Ebates:

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I've been using these sites for quite awhile, so if you have any questions, please let me know!

Once more my referral links are:

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