To turkers in hurricane battered states.


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Jan 24, 2016
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First of all, I hope you and yours are okay. I hope that anything else that you have to deal with is not more than you can take. I posted this in the 'work' thread, and figures that if I meant what I said, I didn't want it to get buried.

"I know it sounds stupid but, if anyone is in the path of any of these things and loses everything or has to move suddenly, I live in suburban Maine. I have enough land that anyone could camp or park a camper. Just sayin', you never have "nowhere to go." :)

EDIT I will let you live with me. I won't pray for you. I find water and blankets much more effective.:p

EDIT EDIT Honestly."

Stay safe and PM me if you want to chat. I'm not an axe murderer and we may not even end up the best of friends but, I'm here for you, in whatever little way I can be.:)