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Amazon Random gifts from Amazon (Dec 2015)


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Jan 12, 2016
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On Dec 31, 2015, someone I'd never seen before came into the mturk chat as 'superturkbro', asking if anybody else had received a Christmas/holiday card in the mail from Amazon/MTurk with a sticker ("Keep Calm and Turk On") in it, which none of us had... He shared this photo:

Since then, a few other community members have shared that they received one too - and with multiple photos to compare, it looks like the cards were hand-written by more than one employee:

Kadauchi @Kadauchi got one

Spam Squirrel @Spam Squirrel got one, postmarked 12/28/15:

and so did jekjek:

electrolyte @electrolyte noticed that requester Jon Brelig received a "Keep Calm and Turk On" sticker like that at Amazon's AWS re:invent conference in 2013:

That's only the second time I've heard of Amazon sending out MTurk-related physical gifts... I guess they could say it's kinda for their 10th anniversary that came and went in Nov 2015? :dunno:


The other time was when they sent coffee mugs to some workers in 2008 for their 3rd anniversary. Here's a photo of one that a former Indian turker received - a tall blue plastic mug with the slogan "Why work when you can turk?" - with a card: