Payment Methods + Accounting + Logistics

James Billings

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May 9, 2018
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I'm interested to hear how other requesters choose to fulfill and manage their expense reporting. Some open questions that I think would be interesting to hear from people are:
  • Do you use a Debit or Credit card, or connect a checking account for fulfilling your balance?
  • What is the average amount you use to fulfill your account with? Is this a multiple of your daily spend rate (eg. keep 7 days of spend as a balance)
  • What mechanisms do you use to check if your balance is running low? Do you have a routine to check get_account_balance() with boto to notify you when funds are nearing depletion?
  • How does accounting categorize the expenses? Have you ever requested a detailed invoice rather than the simple email payment confirmations that are standard.
  • Have you ever negotiated better commission pricing?
We've spent the past ~2 years developing clear standard operating procedures for managing this stuff, and I would love to hear about other logistics requesters have worked through. The discussions around payments online are obviously worker focused, but requester details dictate the volume, and quality, or work that makes it online. Thought this could provide a space for some of those details to be shared