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Jan 12, 2016
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Anyone have any Noblis pandas?
Noblis requester panda

Here is the Preview, Accept and Hoard Greasy Fork

I just hoard the pic hits and use imacros on them, generally they are either not present in all the pics or they will be in almost every single pic. I record a imacro selecting all the pics as "not present" then I will record a second separate imacro selecting "present" in all the pics.

Then all you have to do is press play for which ever one of the two variations it appears to be and then scroll back up quickly with the right scroll button scanning to see if the person is present. As I said either the person nearly wont be in any of the pics at all or they will be in almost every single pic so it's pretty simple.

Also when you record your imacros you want to make sure to edit it and delete the url line in the code saving it as is for it to work correctly.

For example here is the unedited imacro, what you want to do is delete the url line.

The finished imacro should look something like this after deleting the url line...

Also I hoard the high paying video hits anything above 50 cents while running 1 second no stop timers on the .80 - $1.20 hits.

Here are some of the pandas for $1 ones I believe...

I should also tell you I work on my hits from the firefox browser on my left screen and use chrome on my right screen keeping track of pandas.


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