Nice To Meet You!


Issac the Todd
May 21, 2016
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My name is James, and I'm a newbie-ish worker on mturk. I'm about a month into mturk, and just broke 1000 HITs today, but I'm new to the forum. I learned about this forum from the subreddit, and I like the layout of this much better, and the resources are just, well, easier to navigate. The A9 bounty is still going strong, but I now have some small children to watch, so with the random porn-ish and gore images, I'm stopped on that for now.

I'm trying to do my very best to make a living out of mturk, just started really using scripts and panda-ing today, still a bit confused on all of it. I've been receipt copying for Shopping, because they pay quickly, are fairly standard, and only ask me for numbers. I really like typing based and number based batches, but the good ones seem so few and far between. I can't work for Endor, either, because apparently living in Georgia means I (clealry) live in Indiana. It's been a bit weird, and I'm quite excited to get started really learning and figuring out the most efficient way for me to accomplish tasks. It's good to meet everyone!

Actual information about me: I'm a math student hoping to graduate this spring with my BS in mathematics, and maybe have a "real" job one day. I'm almost 22, very tired, and very lame. I play video games and sleep when I'm not turking, and mostly stick to my safe lil corner of the internet, so it's weird to even break out of that, but I'm glad I did.