Rep Present New requestor - help with instagram images in batch


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Apr 23, 2018
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Hello and thank you for a great forum. I am brand new and am setting up a HIT template that I would like to use over and over again.

I'm altering one of the mTurk UI examples (tagging an image) and have customized the data fields I want to have captured. This seems straight forward.

The HITs would be to look at an Instagram post or image, identify the book in the image (the images will be hand picked by me with only a book in the photo), then find the Amazon product URL, book title, etc. I do not need the post info.

I'm having trouble figuring out how I should go about populating the Instagram posts or images that I pick so that it works inside the HIT, rather than having to open a new window. Does anyone have experience with this other than downloading each photo and hosting them somewhere (this is more time consuming)? I understand the concepts of Batches, but I have not implemented one.

Would someone recommend just posting the instagram post link, and forget about populating the image? Just wondering specifically for Instagram if there is an easy way to go about it, since you can't just grab an Instagram image url without a few steps

Thanks in advance!