MTC Survivor Council Thread


Pew Pew!
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Jan 18, 2016
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Okay, well I thought I could wait until after my errands today to announce, but I just can't. Too excited. So, without further ado it's time to crown our VERY FIRST


Both of you ladies have worked non-stop at this game and really pulled it through. Again, thank you both for playing this game with me and your forum teammates. It's been a pleasure to get to know both of you. I feel like this is the last day of school and we're all misty-eyed.

Anyways, MTC your first FIRST SOLE SURVIVOR who will be getting their survey approval:
  • An awesome and amazing Sole Survivor banner to show off
  • A cash prize of $100 DOLLARS, so they can take the day off and bask in their victory
  • Extreme bragging right and a general sense of excitement

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CONGRATS again and enjoy your prizes! You've been an amazing player!

Runner up in this game is nothing to be too sad about. You've been an awesome player as well, and you know your forum mates think you're tops. You will be awarded:
  • A cash prize of $25 dollars
You were an amazing player
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I'll be sending you ladies a pm and passing out the money this afternoon. :bode:

I will miss this so much over the summer, and I cannot wait until season 2 in the fall.

Lepi @Lepi Melly @Melly
I am truly speechless. I have been sitting here for over 30 minutes trying to figure out what to say.

I didn't expect to see this result when I got up this morning. Words really cannot express the emotions I have right now so I am going to keep it simple. I posted this last night
and I meant it. I am so overjoyed and also sad cause I know Lepi wanted this so much as well.

Thank you all so much... I have to stop cause I keep starting to cry every time I try to write more.