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Sep 7, 2018
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MoneySMS is an app available for Android only that pays you for receiving test text messages. You earn £0.02 for each sms received and can cashout after reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold of £2.

The way the app works is that you keep the app running in the background with active data connection and you receive test SMS from time to time and get paid for each sms received. The content of the SMS are mostly gibberish and are used to test telecommunication provider sms reach-out/delivery. You are free to delete the test message after you have been credited.

1. Low Effort Task - Basically you are been paid to let an app run and be receiving SMS, just make sure the app is running with active data on.
2. Multiple Payment Methods - This app payout in PayPal, Webmoney, Skrill and Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and LTC)
3. Lightweight: The app doesn't not hog system resource and it's less than 5MB to download.
4. Fast Payout: Based on my research, alot of users claim that the app payout in about 48hrs.

1. It's not available globally - When i searched for the app on playstore, i was told it's not available in my country, i downloaded it directly from it website and it's working fine.
2. Low Number Of Test - This can vary depending on your region, but personally I don't receive much test SMS which means slow earning.
3. Privacy Concern: Basically this app need permission to read your SMS, though the devs claim it's just for reading the test messages.

This app also have a referral system whereby if you invite a friend, your friend gets £0.25 signup bonus and when they cashout, you get 30% of the the amount they cashed out.

If you are interested in the app, i urge you to signup now cause depending on your country, they usually have a limited number of testers for each telecommunication providers in a particular region. In my country for example, only one telecommunication provider was available for signup. You can also signup using my referral code: 8EDCEF4BF (Not necessary, you will still get £0.25 signup bonus if you don't use any referral code)

Am yet to reach minimum cashout threshold, so i can't post payment proof but based on my research, the app has alot of positive reviews and they are alot of payout proofs/claims. If the app is not available for your country via playstore, try installing it by downloading it directly from the app's website.