Measuring Outdoor Noise

Siddharth Suri

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Sep 1, 2016
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Estimated time: 5-10 Minutes
Pay: $1
Qualifications: location in the U.S., 97% approval, >100 HITs
Link to the HIT

We are trying to measure how outdoor noise levels change as states lift shelter in place restrictions due to covid-19. The purpose of this HIT is to get a baseline measurement of outdoor noise around the U.S. So we will ask you to:
  1. Install a free app on your phone that measures noise volume such as NIOSH Sound Level Meter for iOS or Sound Analyzer App for Android.
  2. Go outside. It is super important you actually go outside!
  3. Start the app and let it run for 1 minute.
  4. Enter the average and maximum decibel levels below.
  5. Copy and paste the latitude and longitude of where you are using from Google or Apple Maps.
  6. Describe what sounds you heard using a few tags.
  7. Tell us which phone and app you used.
  8. Tell us what state you live in and if you want to hear about future HITs like this.
You can even do this HIT on your phone! Click here for the informed consent.
In the future, as states lift shelter in place restrictions, we will launch new versions of this HIT for workers in those states. If you live in one of those states, and opt-in to being notified, we'll let you know when we launch one. Please feel free to tell other workers about this HIT or to post about it in any of the online Turker forums.