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Jan 12, 2016
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General LinkedIn usage advice for any of the multiple requesters' HITs that require you to find various stuff on LinkedIn:

If you are signed in to your LinkedIn account while working (necessary for some of these kinds of HITs but not all), by default, anyone whose LinkedIn profile page you visit will know *you* visited it. Some people have reported seeing their own profile subsequently get reverse views from the people they were researching.
To prevent this, go to and select "You will be totally anonymous."
Or to access this setting within the full settings hierarchy, click on your mini photo in the top right corner to open the Account & Settings menu -> Privacy & Settings -> Profile -> Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.
As an added bonus, this is even retroactive; once you change that setting, it hides your previous visits in people's profile view histories, not just your future visits.
-- based on suggestion from ScottB on MTG 6/6/14

If the HIT states a specific city/state for a person you're looking for, their LinkedIn profile will often be listed under a nearby major metro area (e.g. New York, Chicago, Las Vegas) rather than the smaller city they actually live in.
-- based on suggestion from ChicagoK on MTG 4/8/15

If using Google to search for LinkedIn pages, use rather than or site: if you want to be sure not to exclude non-US results, because they appear on country-specific subdomains instead of www (such as for Canada).
-- based on suggestion from habibalex on MTG 4/18/15

Pointed out by 'turker' on MTG 6/12/15, a tip from the instructions of a Sanjay Shah LinkedIn batch:

" I have an "Out of Network" LinkedIn profile. Your task is to find the "In Network" profile of that same person.

1. Make sure you are signed in to your Linkedin Account (you will need a Linkedin account for this task).

2. Click the Out of Network link provided below. Let's call this Person A. Quickly glance at Person A's photo, title, and location.

3. On the right side of Person A's profile, under "People also viewed", click the first profile that appears. Let's call this Person B.

4. Now on the right side of Person B's profile, under "People also viewed", look for the original person (Person A). You should be able to recognize person A by their photo or title. Person A's profile will appear here 60% of the time, but not every time.

5. Click on Person A's profile and now you will have their "In Network" profile where all their information will be visible.

6. Copy the link of this profile and submit it below. If you could not find Person A's in-network profile, try clicking the second person under Person A's "People also viewed." If you can't find after trying twice, leave the field blank and submit. "

Profile links in 'out of network' mode look like this example: