Just getting serious about it--after two years!


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Mar 28, 2023
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Los Angeles
Hi there everyone. I signed up for MTurk two or three years ago. I had NO IDEA what I was doing, and ended up thinking it was a waste of time--all I saw were thousands of HITs, most that I couldn't qualify for, and most paying pennies for outrageous amounts of work. One HIT I worked on involved transcribing restaurant supply receipts--FRENCH restaurant supply receipts--and I meticulously, accurately did the work, spending over 30 minutes on it....and made a whopping *six* cents!

Fast forward to present day. After looking around online and seeing that other people were actually making money, I realized that *I* must have been doing it wrong. So last month I decided to take another shot at it and started really being serious about it. I'm happy to say that in approximately 6 weeks, I've earned over $300! I'm figuring out the ins and outs, and it's paying off, e.g., using filters to eliminate projects I'm not qualified for. That alone made a gigantic difference. I thought I'd look around for a helpful-looking forum, and here I am! :)