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The Ghost of MTurk Past
Jan 10, 2016
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From the post:

"In the past, Requesters that wanted to find a specific cohort of Workers had to introduce additional questions into their Tasks (HITs) and oversample, discarding results that didn’t match their target criteria. For instance, a Requester that wants their Task completed only by Workers that use an Android phone had to begin their Task by asking Workers if they met this requirement. For qualified Workers, these added questions led to longer times to complete the work and submit the Task. For those Workers that did not meet the requirement, it led to disappointment and frustration at being unable to complete the Task they had accepted.

Now, using the Requester Website, any Requester can select specific, pre-defined cohorts of Workers at the time they create their Task. Requesters who have used a System Qualification such as Location, HIT Approval Rate (%), or Number of HITs Approved will already be familiar with the process. While creating a Task, Requesters can click “(+) Add another criterion” and select a Premium Qualification required for Workers. We expect Premium Qualifications to be especially helpful for Requesters posting Survey Tasks on MTurk."
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