Instant Cash Sweepstakes


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Jan 12, 2016
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Instant Cash Sweepstakes isn't a high earner (or much of an earner at all), but it's quick and mindless. Every few hours, you can take a few three-question polls, most of which are written by other users. Each one pays out tickets, coins, and sometimes a few pennies. The tickets go towards a daily drawing for $50. The coins can be entered into the daily drawing or into a $2 drawing that happens every few hours.

To increase your chances of winning the $50 daily drawing, it's usually best to save up your coins and wait for a day when not as many people are entered (there's a sweepstakes heatmeter that gives an indication of how many people are in it).

You can also write your own poll every few hours, and once a month the person with the best poll is awarded $100.

I've done this on and off for the past three years or so (more off than on). I've won the $50 twice and had the money in PayPal within not too long.

If you refer someone, you get 100% match of everything they win (except the $50 prize). (non-ref)