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Discussion in 'Other Ways To Make Money Online' started by electrolyte, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. electrolyte

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    The Ghost of MTurk Past

    • Administrator
    Jan 10, 2016
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  2. Hayes

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    New Member

    Apr 23, 2016
    Inbox Dollars is legit...though you will have to put up with some spam. You can't make money very quickly. You get screened out of most surveys, but both my wife and I have each managed to get more than one payment from them. That part is straight forward. You make the money and they pay you. Just takes a lot more time. MTURK way better.
  3. Cara

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    ad space now available

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    Jan 12, 2016
    i used to get an email a day (2 cents), now i think i get one a week. they cut me off bc they want you to do their shitty surveys.
    i don't want to do their shitty surveys!


    it used to be okay. not fast at all, but i'd use that 30 bucks and go out to eat :) just a nice bonus check for a splurge.
    plus i think they changed it and they charge 3.00 for a cashout or something.

    but here is a referral code if anyone wants to give it a whirl

    the games are fun, there's videos to watch, and they have a search thing. you could spend 5 or 10 mins on the site a day and it would be okay for passive income. the offers they have a worth it if you're going to sign up for the thing anyway (like a credit card, and uyou know, THOSE offers)
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  4. Shaggy2061

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    Bored Now

    May 26, 2016
    Takes forever just to earn a dollar not worth the spam you get in the meantime. A lot of work just for pennies a week. if you want to make money with them you have to sign up for the offers they give you ...Those usually cost money or make you chain together 10 sign ups to various sites for once a again pennies.
    If you want to do this the best advice i can give is create a email account just for this site and use it for only that. You will get tons of spam after signing up for this.
    so there it is my 2 cents
  5. ActionJohnny

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    May 11, 2016
    It isn't great, that's for sure, but I earn more like tens of pennies a day! :) My routine is pretty much as follows: while having my morning :coffee2:, I watch a few of the videos. Some pay 2-3c (generally you get a couple of these a day), and there are others that pay 1c for 3 videos. It is a one click, "fire and forget" type of deal, so it literally takes you a second to initiate.

    You also can use the search feature and get about 1c per search (you have to complete 4/4) and if you do 4 a week you get I 5c bonus I believe. You can do this very fast and each one counts guaranteed, unlike swagbucks. I think you can do this 3x a day for 10-12c total, but I generally just fire off 4 and call it good.

    The surveys are generally bad to terrible, but some of the offers can be decent. I signed up for a free Rhapsody trial and got $2 + the 30 days of music. You just have to be sure to cancel so you don't get billed. Many of the offers will only pay out if you subscribe, make a purchase, etc, so read carefully. If you are already going to sign up for something, like Stamps.com or whatever, then it is extra bonus.

    Overall, nothing exciting, but I think I've accumulated $13 after about a month and a half for not a lot of effort. If anyone wants to check it out, and found part of my post useful, my referral link is below.