I write articles on different online money making techniques I have tried!


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Feb 16, 2022
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I have been trying to establish a blog for a monetization / money making niche! I learned how to design my wordpress site and made it just before I had my newborn.

It is slow and steady, but if you can create enough content over time you can start to monetize with things like adsense. If anyone has any questions about my experience with starting a blog, feel free to ask. I am an open book, but I am a beginner. I will share with you my personal experiences, but there may be questions I cannot honestly answer!

I have about 4 -5 articles up right now, including my own mTURK registration and setup article. If you guys wanna take a peak and give me some cristicism,I welcome all the insight I can get!

My Blog Homepage
My mTURK article

(id also like to note that im not trying to just randomly advertise or plug my blog. id like some experienced insight on my mTURK blog post because I want to provide reliable content to people who may not know about mTURK or whatever other platform I write about! i am essentially asking you to proof read my post for reliability! thank you! if i can do anything for you like sign up to a referral or plug you in, let me know.)
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