How to do the deepdialog HITs without errors


Dec 3, 2019
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Yes the deepdialog "Generating conversations", hits are half broken, but sometimes they are good paying and it's worth knowing how to do them, because the more people do them, the less errors people will get. Their 50 cent hits can in theory be done in 1 minute, for $30/hour, however they do limit the amount of hits you can do.

The #1 thing to take away from this is to never disconnect from chat during a deepdialog hit, before submission, and that includes disconnecting from a preview or returning a hit.

How to do them with minimal errors (to the best of my knowledge):

1. Accept and open the HIT in a way that avoids seeing the preview page (multiple ways to do this)
2. Wait for a partner (do not return unless it tells you to)
3. If a partner is boring and you return, you will see an 'error' notice for 10 minutes any time you accept another HIT or theirs
4. Finish the hit
5. Press Submit and wait 2 seconds.
6. Refresh your browser
7. Wait for the green submission notification to show, and then exit your tab as soon as you see the submit notification so as to avoid the preview screen loading the chat
8. Go back to 1, Rinse and repeat.

If you get locked out of a batch for too many hits, they usually have multiple batches available. Also if no one is currently doing the HITs, or if someone drops the convo prematurely, or you drop the convo prematurely, or if you return a hit, you will get an error on all their hits.

This error only goes away 10 minutes after you return all their HITs from your queue. It's also possible at this point they fixed the preview screen error, and if so you don't need to navigate around it, and only need to worry about never returning a hit or disconnecting from chat.

Hope that helps.
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