Grindabuck 3.0 is finally here.

Oct 30, 2016
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Good day mturk friends! Just stopping by to announce that Grindabuck 3.0 is finally here!

We have completely revamped Grindabuck with a new look and feel. We invite everyone to come check out the new upgrade and color scheme! We are still in the process of providing some tweaks and changes, so if you notice anything that should be addressed, please send us a support ticket to let us know!

Our website still currently works best for users in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. All users still get 100 free grindabuck's added to their new account upon registration. 100 Grindabuck's still = $1.00. (We do have some members from outside of the areas listed above, such as Brazil, but be warned that earning opportunities might be extremely limited for those users. If your country is blocked, unfortunately that means our providers don't have anything available for your area at this time.) We still celebrate Grindabuck Week on the first Tuesday of each new month, running for seven full days. Each day a new giveaway is announced in chat and winners are announced each night. Users must be VIP LVL 2 or higher to enter giveaways. Users reach VIP LVL 2 after earning their first 1000 grindabucks ($10.00). We still offer our lucrative monthly bonus program too. You can read about our VIP program and Monthly Bonus program here. Please notice the toggle buttons on this page which helps you switch between info for VIP and info for Monthly Bonuses.

If you are already a member, and enjoy being one, we encourage you to share your referral links with others! If you haven't heard of us yet, Grindabuck offers many "other ways to earn", such as various offer walls, surveys, and passive earning with videos. We have a great community, so check us out if you haven't already!

Please enjoy and have a great week!
Team Grindabuck

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