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Discussion in 'Other Ways To Make Money Online' started by sinon, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. sinon

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    Watashi ga Kita!

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    Jan 12, 2016
    FusionCash is a task-based site that you can earn a bit of money on in the month with little effort. The site offers videos, paid-to-click tasks, radio listening, and other means of generating cash. I mostly do a lot of the videos and paid-to-click functions every day. It took me maybe a month to reach $30 but that was with minimal effort on my part. Of course, you can always utilize the full site and their higher earning methods if you want to.

    FusionCash can pay out to paypal and you get $5 for signing up. If you'd like to help me out and sign up under my referral, you can do so with the banner below. (You can also get your own banners in the referral tab in FC.)


    One of the best features of FC (and has the highest potential earnings imo) is Appyfly. Go to the mobile tab and click on appfly if you are running FC on a tablet or phone. You can download offers for 50c a piece.
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