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[Free $25 in btc] Invest voyager is offering $25 in btc for every signup.

Discussion in 'Other Ways To Make Money Online' started by Mikeyyyyy, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Mikeyyyyy

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    Mar 10, 2017
    This is a pretty cool app that is seeking to create a service where users can buy or sell 15+ different coins and their software will automatically search a bunch of different exchanges to get the best price. They offer commission free trading and $25 to sign up. It took me 30 seconds. No deposits or anything extra needed. Nice to see some coinbase competitors coming out.

    This is for US residents only.

    Referral Link: https://www.investvoyager.com/?campaignId=IgkZTDBo_5cbZH9eKadUUkUew2A&referralCode=f12nJ18&code=ILUVBTC
    Non Referral: https://www.investvoyager.com/

    Because this is in Beta and offering folks $25 to signup, here's some references regarding the companies legitimacy:
    Directors have a ton of history on linkdin.
    It has been several months in the making.

    Per the fortune article these guys were founders and early investors in uber. All signs point towards it being legit.
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