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Changes to forum guidelines, donations, Crowd Pleaser rules, and a new moderator!

Discussion in 'Forum News & Announcements' started by aveline, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. aveline

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    fun sucker

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    Jan 10, 2016
    First off, I would like to announce the newest member of the MTC staff, @TQueen@TQueen!

    Thank you, @TQueen@TQueen, for donating your time to this often stressful and thankless job. We all really appreciate it and are happy to have you aboard.

    Secondly, there have been some changes to the community guidelines, as well as some other things, that we would just like to make everyone aware of.

    Guidelines Changes

    We've added two new guidelines, that we think were sort of already implied, but just wanted to clarify in case anyone was unclear. The two additions are:
    • "Do not share the contents of private messages (PMs) sent using this forum without the explicit permission of all parties involved."
    • "Don't post scripts that automatically submit HITs."
    While we are disallowing auto-submit scripts, we will allow scripts that include an auto-submit toggle, as long as that toggle is defaulted to 'off'. Due to the nature of auto-submits, and the problems that they can cause, we would also very much appreciate if switching on the toggle would come with some sort of warning, as well.

    The full, updated guidelines can of course be viewed at the Guidelines link at the top of the forum. If you would like to discuss the community guidelines, or would just like clarification on anything included in them, feel free to direct your comments/questions to the Forum Guidelines and Moderation Discussion Thread.

    Crowd Pleaser Award Changes

    We will now be requiring a nomination reason for all Crowd Pleaser nominations. This will work much the same way as it has in the past. When nominating someone, you'll just be required to tag the member that you're nominating and leave a reason why you think they deserve to win. Think of it as your chance to campaign for the person you're nominating, so make your nomination reasons good ones! We would, however, just ask that you be mindful of the other monthly award that we have here. While nominating someone solely for posting a lot of HITs isn't against the rules, we do have that covered with the HIT Poster award.

    You can view the full, updated Crowd Pleaser award rules here. If you would like to discuss the Crowd Pleaser award rules, or need any clarification, feel free to use the
    Forum Guidelines and Moderation Discussion Thread.

    Donations Changes

    Starting in September, contributor perks will require a $10 donation. We've been struggling to hit our donation goal lately (we missed it by quite a bit last month), and we'll be heading into a time of year soon where donations typically start to drop off. The server upgrade back in June increased our monthly goal by about 50%, so it's pretty important that we're hitting that each month. We apologize if this is an inconvenience in any way. But if you've been thinking about donating, we're giving you a few weeks to do so, at the $5 price, before this change goes into effect. And thank you to everyone that has ever donated to this forum, no matter how much you've donated. We wouldn't be here without you.

    I think that pretty much covers everything. Once again, if you have any questions or need any clarification on any of this stuff, we strongly encourage you to make use of the Forum Guidelines and Moderation Discussion Thread. Thank you, all, for making this the best mturk forum around!
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  2. Tigerpants

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    Murderer of Threads

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    Apr 1, 2016
    I want personal handcrafted notes thanking me for my donations.
    and a date with @electrolyte@electrolyte to go along with contributor status.
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  3. Vanyanka

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    Cold-Blooded Damsel

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    Jan 11, 2016
    She's gonna have to date a lot of people but I understand why you'd want the date. Who wouldn't?
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