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Mar 29, 2016
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Is anyone using Cash Crate? You can make money taking surveys and signing up for free offers.

"When you're just starting out, you'll earn 20% of all the cash from offers your first level referrals make and 10% of all the money their referrals make, meaning you profit when other people complete offers."

I invite you all to hop on the referral train!

here's mine:
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Jan 17, 2016
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CashCrate is a GPT site that is very similar to ones you may already use, such as InstaGC, SwagBucks, etc. The offers there are pretty much the exact same as the ones you would see on other sites.
TIP: Clear your cookies after every survey/offer you do. This will help to make sure your work gets credited.
The Type of Tasks
The daily surveys alone could net you somewhere around $7 a day if you did only those and nothing else. Keep in mind you can get screened out on these; I'm not too sure if this gets better with time. You can keep going until you qualify for a survey, so you'll still get the payment for the survey so long as you actually do one instead of giving up like I would sometimes like to do. There are also hundreds of offers. They range from using a bogus email to sign up for 'free samples' all the way to listening to music or downloading an app to your smartphone. There are a few scripts out there for FireFox that will automatically select 'No' for answer question on your spammy offers. It speeds it up extremely as you can just go back and check the ones you want as 'Yes'. (Most offers require you to click 'Yes' two times in order to receive payment for the offer). Starting out, you need $20 by the end of the month to get a check on the 15th of the next month. As you build referrals up, you receive the option to receive payment via PayPal or direct deposit. Further on, you may get weekly payments.

The Referral System
The referral system is probably one of the best I have seen from a GPT site. You receive 20% of your referral's earnings starting out, and 10% of their referral's earnings. As you get more and more of them, it eventually increases to 30% and 20%, respectively. 50 active US referrals brings you to the Silver status. That level gives you payment on the 1st of each month instead of the 15th, and unlocks the option to get the money via PayPal or direct deposit. It also gives you access to some interesting tools to gauge your referral's performance. 500 active US referrals gets you to the Elite status, which gives you the option of being paid weekly, regardless of your balance.
TIP 2: I am not sure if the offer is still around, but you can get Vistaprint business cards for pretty much no charge. I used these to build my referrals up. When I did it, the offer was 250 cards.

The single most annoying thing about this site is having to wait for a check once a month. It is wise to build up your referrals so you can get it more quickly. The surveys screening you out can get annoying, I understand that. But if you can, keep trying until it places you in one you qualify for and can finish. CC has probably the BEST referral system out there. I've made a little over 4 grand over the past year I've used it, and plan to make many more. Is it worth it? To me it is, yes. If you can stand the occasional screening and clearing your cookies after every survey/offer, you will definitely make some good money from this site.

This is my referral link:
And if you feel like breaking my heart and decide not to sign up under my referral link:
Please don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart. I love you too much for that.