Calling aspiring researchers!


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Mar 31, 2016
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Calling aspiring researchers!

Do you love challenges? Are you a researcher or do you aspire to be one? Well, here's your chance to work on a research project and co-author academic papers with professors from Stanford University and the University of California. This research will ultimately lead to the creation of a next-generation crowdworking website that solves the problems that exist in today's platforms (like Mechanical Turk).

About Crowd Research initiative

The Stanford Crowd Research Collective — a group of five hundred designers, engineers, crowd workers, and crowd requesters from around the world — is inviting teams of aspiring researchers, hackers and thinkers like you, to join their massive research team from the comfort of home, to help build a better platform for crowd work (a la Mechanical Turk).

About the project
About Daemo - a self-governed crowdsourcing marketplace

Today's crowdworkers use crowdsourcing platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk to assist companies and people who need help gathering data, labeling machine learning training examples, running experiments, or transcribing audio. However, these platforms are notoriously bad at ensuring high quality results, producing respect and fair wages for workers, and making it easy to author effective tasks. It’s not hard to imagine that we could do better.

This research will be a complete design, implementation, launch, and evaluation of a new crowdsourcing platform. What would it take to create an effective marketplace? One where workers have more power in the employment relationship, or could take additional responsibility for the result quality? How might we design such a market? Could we launch it and become the new standard? This research in human-computer interaction will involve a combination of design thinking, web development, and experimental design. This is far more ambitious than your typical project. It’s an entire marketplace design question. Thus, we’re banding together to solve it.

Participant contribution

First, there’s creating a crowdsourcing market that becomes the new standard. This could lead to a far better future for crowdsourcing and crowd work, and millions of people could eventually use it.

Second, we’ll be planning papers to top-tier conferences based on our work. Being a contributing author on a paper can have a profound impact on an aspiring researcher. How much you contribute to the project will determine author order.

How to sign up

Each team member must complete and submit the application located here.

Team name: Crowdworkers United (enter in specified box)

How many members: 5 (enter in specified box)

After you submit the application: Please make sure to leave a comment on this thread that lets others know the spot has been filled. A total of 4 other spots are available.

Help - the team is full: After four people comment the first team is full. To start the next team, please create a new team name, enter it on the application, and let others know the new team name in the comments. Once that team is full, repeat.

For additional details, please click the links below:

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Calling aspiring researchers!
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