Anybody use Tinder or Bumble?


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May 3, 2019
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Share your experiences! Have any good ice breakers?

I seem to strike out most of the time since I try and break the ice but I guess I don't do it properly? Plus, I'm better at conversing in person than through text.

Anyways, I had ONE weird date recently and I'm pretty sure the girl was just trying to get a free meal out of me at the time. She sent me the address to her apartments near the university and I went ahead and parked outside. I made it abundantly clear that my money was "low"(but truthfully I didn't have any at all) and she said she didn't care. Anyways, I'm on the way and she brings it up again. I show up and tell her there isn't anywhere we can go. I figured we were just going to watch Netflix in her apartment like she said previously but she seemed stand-offish about me coming up stairs as I just matched with her a few hours before. I tell her we can watch netflix on my phone and sit in the back of my SUV. We sit in the back and she begins asking me what I'm into. After a brief few minutes of going back and forth she proceeds to tell me that she likes to be defecated on and maybe sometime I can do it to her. WTF.JPG. I made an excuse that I had left my stove on at my home and needed to leave.

Such a shame too, she was really cute too.

Anyone got any stories they want to share?
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