Amazon Announcing updates to the Requester API Java SDK and our Command Line Tools


The Ghost of MTurk Past
Jan 10, 2016
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From the official blog:

- We have released a version update to our Java SDK. This release fixes two bugs in the SDK. Requesters can now use all Qualification comparators from the SDK and can now also use the test event notification feature with SQS queues. We have also included a new sample in the samples folder called “test_event” that illustrates how to use the test event notification feature.

- The MTurk Command Line Tools (CLT) uses the Java SDK to connect to MTurk. We have also released a new version update to the CLT. With this release, the CLT supports the use of the “In”, “NotIn” and “DoesNotExist” Qualification comparators. For an example of how to use these comparators, see the “best_image” folder in the samples of the CLT. You can see examples of the new comparators in use by looking at the file.