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New Profile Posts

  1. MRob
    I didn't get out of bed to be mediocre.
  2. MRob
    Newbie. A little too passionate about my crafts and college football.
  3. stuffalleysays
    Learning the ropes, and those ropes do burn!
  4. stuffalleysays
    Never Feast with those you did not starve with
  5. Lookingforalaska
    Lookingforalaska Jaded
    Happy birthday if it's your birthday! Hope you enjoy your day.
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    2. Jaded
      Thanks :)
      Sep 6, 2017
  6. Dark Echo
    Dark Echo
    Young Turk in the Sea
  7. Waketa Golz
    Waketa Golz
    Unbelievably Blessed
  8. Waketa Golz
    Waketa Golz
    Unbelievably Blessed
  9. Laura Medrano
    Laura Medrano
    Follower of Christ ! It's A Love for what God has done for everyone who believes Jesus die for yours and my sin . Turn away for sin ! Repent
  10. T Greenwood
    T Greenwood
    New to MTurk
  11. Caturk
    Caturk WalkingEmphasis
    The sounds when a hit is caught in in Hit Catcher don't work. Any ideas for changing that?
  12. turkleton
    turkleton basketcasey
    scammer@scam.com send money plz.
  13. psminty
    psminty basketcasey
    I would have an interest if qualified... my e-mail is
  14. Liz
    Liz basketcasey
    I am always up to make some extra money if I qualify that is.

    is my email address.
  15. JaneDoe
    Busy making big $$$ (not really, lol)
  16. cassius
    cassius ChristopherASA
    Use your own judgement here. I won't post this to list as I'm not sure they are worthwhile. I couldn't do them as they take me too long. There is no TO. You may find them worthwhile.
    Here's the Hit to look for:
    Analyzing ISIS videos - Academic Project, UMASS Lowell (WARNING: This HIT may contain adult content. Worker discretion is advised)
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  17. Scarecrow
    Boku No Hero Academia
  18. Scarecrow
  19. Leon Powalski
  20. The_Octopus