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New to MechanicTurk. Anyone with tips or advice, please feel free to point me in the right direction.
Hello everyone I am new on here, I am trying to find out what this site is about, so please feel free to give advice.
Hey there, i found some error in installing Turkmaster in Firefox. Actully i installed it but it never appears on dashboard...!?
I found a problem in installing Turkmaster in FireFox. Actually i can install, but it didnt appear in dashboard...!
Hey Willow!

I hope you're around. I tried amending the last script you sent to make the first question into "both shoes" instead of neither? But I don't seem to have the magic's not working can you help me? If you're around.


Hey sorry, just got this. Messaging you now.
Hi, how are you doing? I tried searching, but could not find your HIT. Will you be posting anymore? Hoping for a response, thanks!
I couldn't post a reply in the Tuesday thread since it's locked now, but, your last comment almost killed me!

I couldn't stop laughing at the word "stabby".

Thanks, I really needed a good laugh !