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Independent psychology researcher with multiple publications. Long-time MTurk user, however, just discovered there is a vast world of MTurk groups and forums. Very excited about this forum. Looking for help with improving requester/worker relationship, and, in general, sharing interests with fellow MTurk people. Hope to be acquainted with others soon.
I am on 70 tasks and I'm looking for my 1000 mark
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I have found some of my favorite posters but most are just surveys guaranteed win.
Yeah. I don’t mind the surveys as long as they pay well or pay with bonuses. I enjoy the interactive ones. Like the one I had to find a block but it blended in with the picture. That was fun.
The USA Maybe Covid cases increasing again should be the reason Mturk's work Is Down?
So I got rejected for that HIT. I don't care that much, ( I wasn't expecting to get paid for it) but to get rejected for trying my best is kind of ridiculous. I messaged the requester and they said they will look into it.
Most of the time they do not reply. The good ones will and I try to compliment them for being a professional requester.

In Loving Memory of my amazing husband
Donald R Lechowicz
01/21/1978 - 08/01/2020
to our eldest fur babydog
Lecho baby Lechowicz
11/2014 - 08/01/2020
hello, i would like to know how i do to get closed quali do you have any tips
I look forward to answering thanks!

I use this I keep it open all day and do any qual hits that look good. Always be qualling is the best way to make money on mTurk.
Hello - I m New ,,, what precautions to take so as not to fall into the trap of banishment?
Of course on this forum.
Hi both me and my husband have been wizard prov blocked on doing a certain hit will that stay there forever or is there a way to get that reversed?