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Nov 18, 2021
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Hey all so there has been recent discussion on Reddit and in the slack group about a certain qualification called "CR Research Group #1" that I'm sure some of you are familiar with, This qual if obtained opens up tons more work since almost all the old time requesters moved permanently to Cloud Research to host their HIT's in order to get better quality data. But I was told directly by Cloud Research via Email that there is a qualifier HIT on Mturk that posts daily that if completed properly it grants you this CR Research #1 qual. (Its basically just a HIT with only attention checks to see if your a bot and/or a non English speaker) But the only problem is that cloud Research told me via email that I should be able to complete and submit the HIT without any issues after I gave them my worker ID, But I cant because there is a certain qual called "SurveyGroup [5278] has not been granted " that has a value of 100 on the HIT and thus I cannot accept it.

I cannot reveal the name of the specific HIT that opens this qual up because if I do this just ruins the purpose of skimming out bots and scammers if they knew about it. But the HIT can be found very easily. My only problem is why is Cloud Research saying I can do the HIT without any issues if I am seeing that I am blocked with some SurveyGroup qual? I want to clarify I am not blacklisted as I do not have the CR Research Group #2 qual.

It seems Cloud Research is giving me conflicting information and isnt really helping me with this and I'm feeling rather frustrated. I want to be as nice as possible and dont want to keep emailing them because I dont want to annoy anyone who works there but I feel like this is the only barrier thats preventing me from unlocking tons more available work. And this means everything to me as I do Mturk full time for now. So Mturk income is sort of my life right now.

Are there any members on this forum who work for Cloud Research that can give me any assistance at all? I would be absolutely eternally grateful.
Have you been able to get an answer to this? I'm also unable to do the qual HIT due to "SurveyGroup [5278] has not been granted "
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