NEW MULTI-PLAYER GAME STARTS TODAY (Tuesday 30th of October) at 11 AM ET


Apr 9, 2017
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We will post different HITs with different quals. Requester ID search #A1IWL7HDIJ2T3Z is the best way to find yours.

If the games are full or all HITs are consumed before you start the task, we will compensate you for showing up.

HIT Information:
  • Requester I:eek: A1IWL7HDIJ2T3Z
  • HIT title: [Play immediately] Estimate values interactively with others and get up to $12
  • Time: The study will be posted on the 30th of October (i.e., today, Tuesday) at 11 AM ET.
  • Expected HIT length: < 45 minutes.
  • You have to do the HIT from a computer (laptop, desktop). Mobile devices are NOT supported.

HIT expectations:

  • You will need to have the Mehdi-RME qualification (#ID 3HKJJ33FJ5GKFVHPJ662CIBHS36K6N)
  • We will submit the HIT at 11 AM ET. You will need to catch the HIT to participate.
  • Workers who join the HIT late (after all the games have started) will receive a message like this: "Sorry, all games are full." Those workers will be paid $0.1 for showing up, and they will also be able to participate in the next sessions.
  • Workers who are unable to play because we did not have enough participants to start the game will be paid $1 for their time.
  • You are allowed to participate at most once.
If you plan to participate in our HIT, it is critical that you try to show up on time. If you use tools to auto-accept HITs, please also make sure that you will start playing immediately after you accept our HIT. Otherwise, you would delay the start of the game for other participants.

If you show up and not participate because the game is full or because there weren't enough people, we will pay you for your time, and you will still be able to participate in future sessions of the HIT.