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wascal wabbit

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Dec 22, 2017
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I've been turking for about 18 months, but my account is super old, I signed up sometime in the late aughts and never really used it. I never really hung out in forums when I started, but rather googled everything, so newbies who want to be spoon fed kind of piss me off. I have 41K HITs approved and 16 rejects as of today (who knows what's coming tomorrow, amirite?) I don't have the coveted sergey qual, but I'm hopeful he posts another one this year, nor do I have Masters, but I do all the blood ritual sacrifices required and I am hopeful I will get it sometime this millenium. I average about $250 a week, with higher/lower weeks depending on my level of lazy. Right now I'm working to save for Amazon Prime day (that's how Bezos gets ya!) I will share information and HITs just not over at reddit. Once in a while I will ask a stupid question, if you take once in a while to mean daily. I can't do Rekogs because I live in a blocked state and I'm super salty about that, and I totally can't stand those bounding box HITs. Also, garbanzo beans are delicious and pineapple does go on pizza.
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