HIT Database help (Editing an old HIT's status)


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Jan 13, 2016
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So in my database there is one HIT from back in November that is still lingering with it's status saying Pending, even though it's so old it is definitely paid by now. I have tried to go through Tjololo's video showing how to edit the database, but I am bad at excel and I'm on a mac so it's not a complete follow along with the video. If someone could help me with this, I would be very appreciative. I have tried to export a csv of just my pending HITs (so it's a smaller list to work with) and changing the status of the lingerer, but when I try to import it back I get an error saying the file must contain at least one record. From what I have read this has to do with the headers but that's also over my head. Is there a simple way to fix this that someone could walk me through for a Mac? Or does someone want to edit my databae for me and I will PayPal you a few dollars? It's not a big deal but seeing this one HIT not go away is driving me nuts.


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Feb 5, 2016
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I am assuming you are using HIT DB Mk. II?

I just played around with the export csv and import features of Mk. II. It is a bit different than the old version of HIT DB. It looks like it exports the csv file as tab delimited, and I didn't see a way to specify a delimiter when importing.

Here is what I would do to make it simple(ish):
Check the box for csv export.
Do a search for the specific date the HIT is from.
You should get a file called hitdb_queryResults.csv
Open it with a text editor. Not excel.
Do a search for the text "Pending Approval" (without quotes)
Highlight just that text, and type in "Paid" (without quotes) instead.
Now save exit the text editor.
Go back to HIT DB and import the file.
It should say, "Importing X entries... Done!"
This definitely worked for me to change one of my old DB entries in my test just now. Let me know how it goes.