Jan 12, 2016
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What the press got wrong is that there needs to be exposure (an outbreak) where the vaccine is being piloted in order for the effects to be studied (did it work or no?)

That 'outbreak' will happen naturally - and so whether or not it does COULD take months and months (just waiting)

Here are some of my notes:

1. Vaccines
Phase III study starts in July
This will be Moderna with 30,000 participants
a big clinical trial with lots of data point

also AstraZeneca trial will start (perhaps even simultaneous)

Two more starting soon afterwards (so as many four or 5 vaccine trials
in the next few months

In phase III they need to see some disease (even control group)
to show the vaccine is protective
Therefore, it could take months and months
It depends on whether there is an outbreak (opportunity for exposure)

Trial will include mostly those in 18-55 age group
But some will be older (even elderly)
And some with co-morbidities

He's cautiously optimistic
because so many of us make a good immunological response generally to the covid-19
thus we know body is capable of clearing the infection (which is good proof of concept)

He's more concerned with durability of response
often corona virus durability (like with common cold) is only a year

2. Will there be enough supply of vaccine?

The companies are manufacturing these AT RISK. So, by end of year they will have ramped up production to have 100 million doses (and even more in January of next year)
this is at same time as vaccine is developed (so at financial risk)

3. Role of monoclonal antibodies and convalescent plasma

He sees a role as prophylaxis or treatment
Looking to use it for those at risk.
In NY about 1 million are able to donate (possibility)

4. Vitamin D
If you are deficient: you might have a poorer outcome with Covid-19
However, most people in developed world are NOT deficient
(Also, those deficient of Vitamin A might have increased risks with covid
but again - most aren't deficient)


Jan 10, 2020
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The virus is deadly and it is real...............................

However what is starting to come out is a problem with the actual death stats. I always say in almost anything follow the money.
institutions and doctors are paid a "bonus" if a death is attributed to COVID-19. The general "guesstimate" is that it is highly probable
that the deaths officially reported are 25% more than the actual number that are directly attributed to the virus.

To give you an example there was a man who tested positive for the virus and he did die, the rub is that his blood alcohol was at 5.5%. His death was on the death certificate listed as a COVID-19 death.

There was a man in a nursing home suffering from late stage cancer and was given 2 weeks to live, he had never tested positive for COVID-19, the homes management sent an offer to the family that they would provide them with $1,000 if they allowed the homes doctor to report officially that the man died of COVID-19. The home received no "bonus" if the death was not from COVID-19 but received $13,000 for each one that is reported as one.

There are more an more reporting about this kind of stuff going on. Greed is a terrible thing. When the government is dumping trillions of dollars without much oversight just so they can be seen as "doing something" this is what happens.
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Jan 14, 2016
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Am going to put this here and wish I could find a real reliable link. Saw the info first on my Dispatch blurb but since I refuse to give them money for the rag I can't read the article. Tried googling but not too much luck - just enough to know the rumor is probably real.

If anyone goes to the protests anywhere, take your own water or get water from reliable sources that have been vouched for. Apparently if the rumors are true, donated bottles at our downtown protests had antifreeze added. Be careful out there.