Cinchbucks - Earn cash from surveys, offers, apps etc - comprehensive guide

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Mar 13, 2019
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Hi All

I'd like to share my views on my favourite site for earning - cinchbucks. It’s a Pay To Click site based in the US (similar to Swagbucks). I have been a member for a while and have made some decent money cashing out through Paypal.

Trusted survey site since 2014 with free sign up.

Cinchbucks perks:

1. Lots of survey sources and many can be done more than once a day.

2. You don’t get screened out from too many surveys.

3. Fast payout – 24 Hour turnaround for Paypal rewards (minimum is 10 USD).

4. It doesn’t take too long to stack up your points and points are quite reliable in crediting (usually instantly).

5. You get regular bonus points when you reach certain levels.

6. Large choice of Gift Cards available including Paypal, Amazon, iTunes, Bitcoin, Steam.

7. Generous referral program - earn up to 20% of referred users points depending on your level. Huge potential for
passive income - the more referrals at this high rate you can get means more points and ultimately higher reward.

8. Open to members of US, UK, AU, CA and other countries

My quick copy and paste guide for your reference to maximise your points and earn more from the site:

Focus on surveys as they typically get you the most points usually 50 - 100 CB. The time it takes to complete these can
generally vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

I normally aim to reach 500 points to cash out by Paypal which is the minimum ($5), although you can get an Amazon Gift
Card for £2 (250 CBs).


On the home screen you will see the survey providers :

Your Surveys, Cint, SSI etc

If you click on one of these it will search for a survey. You will probably get a number of qualifying questions before
you reach the main survey. It's a bit of a nuisance as you will probably be answering the same questions a few times but

Eventually you will reach a survey you qualify for. Once completed you will get a message saying survey completed and you
will see your CBs in your account.

Offer Walls:

If you click on the earn tab at the top of the screen and then offer walls you will get a list of providers.

Peanutlabs, Offertoro etc

These are basically offers which you can receive points for completing.

Many of these are free and just require filling in a form with personal details etc.
They don't generally give you as many points as surveys but are worth doing for some easy points.

I would recommend getting a second email address and using this because you will no doubt get a lot of spam from signing
up to these free offers.

You can also get points on the offer walls for downloading browser addons - this is an easy way to get points.

I would recommend downloading a QR code scanner from the app store so you can quickly scan the code they provide and
install straight to your phone.

Earn more points CBs:


On the cinchbucks site they publish a code every few days to get free points (it's only 7 CBs but worth doing)

On the home screen (top right) click on the promo code tab and enter code provided to redeem.

Bonus Points:

You get an additional bonus after you reach about 130 CBs(15)

You will see a message come up on the left of screen to claim.

How much you earn really depends on the time you have to invest but typically i make $5 for an hours painless work and i
have redeemed many times.

I think that's the basics, if you need to know anything else please feel free to message me - i'm happy to help anytime.

I would recommend you give it a try here:

Happy earning!! :)


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Aug 16, 2019
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I'd give them a negative score if I could. They let me redeem my money, made me wait weeks to get my money which I never received because they cancelled my redemption order. Support doesn't respond to you so don't bother. This is honestly the worst experience I've ever had with a survey site.
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