Bounding Boxes Payment and Speed


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Dec 4, 2019
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Hey everyone, recently did some Bounding box qual tests so I could do the bounding box hits from a requester. I figured it would be pretty decent payment and their reviews are really good for hourly wage, but I don't quite understand how. For example; one says the reward is 0.03 and to draw bounding boxes around wheels. (Car tires) yet there might be 16+ tires in one picture. I zoom in and am basically pixel perfect (or as close as I can be) because I definitely don't want to get rejected as I'm only on 300ish approvals. Thing is, it takes me a few minutes to finish one picture, yet some of the reviews have like 8 second completion times on average. Even with a set of like 2-4 tires I don't see how that's possible to do! Especially since they want you to be extremely accurate, and it takes time to determine on lower quality photos where the tire ends exactly.

Does anyone do these bounding box tasks and might be able to offer insight? Do you just naturally get better as time goes on? Or once you are over the initial test period of 100 hits per day, do you just set up a hit catcher and return the ones that are too difficult?

I am kinda a perfectionist when it comes to a lot of the work I do--which is a bad thing--But it doesn't seem like I should be taking 25x the time to do the same task. lol

Currently I stick mostly to surveys because I like voicing my opinion and offering advice/feedback for the researchers (I can put thought and time into it and not feel discouraged because I'm still making $1 or so for 8-10 minutes.)
Or extremely easy text tasks that I'm doing for approvals. (I don't mind making real low per hour if I'm getting easy approvals, lol)

Hopefully someone can give me some pointers and let me know if the bounding box tasks are worth it, or if I should focus on other stuff. I was thinking they would pay like 30-40 cents each, if you average like 30 an hour you'd make like $9 per hour on them. Maybe I am just being WAY too careful when it comes to the tasks, I'm not quite sure.