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Jan 10, 2016
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re: Michael King HITs:

1 - going to an external website for any HIT takes time, and for 2 cents? It's not worth the pay, in my opinion.

2 - Many of us evaluate Mturk requesters with TurkOpticon. If you're new, you should consider accessing TurkOpticon (TO). It's not a decision maker for me, just further information to help make a decision. As of right now, this requester has no TO history. Here's the TO general website: https://turkopticon.ucsd.edu/

3 - There are obvious spelling errors in the text of the HIT. If the requester is that careful with their own work, one wonders how correct they'll be, evaluating yours.

4 - This batch has 3 day Auto Approval (AA), which means this no history requester has 3 days to decide if they're going to approve your work.

It's always a risk working with new requesters. Hope it works out, and you're welcome to report here what happens, if you do. Best of luck!
Welcome ndnjon @ndnjon !

Concise @Concise's post offers very good advice so read it carefully. This early on you have to consider how much risk your account can handle. If you receive rejections, they may hurt your ability to work on other things and effectively cripple your mturk account. IMO those HITs are super underpaid and you do not want to risk a new account on a no-TO batch. Stick to safe requesters and HITs for now.
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