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  1. Julietrs
    I've been working at MTurk since April. My total earnings $226.
  2. Kerry
    Good morning everyone
  3. sanford wood
    sanford wood choiboi_0990
    I was given a rejection for an "inappropriate" question on one of your TV HITs. I worked very hard on the HIT and would appreciate an overturn of the rejection, even if I'm not paid. I've done thousands of HITs with only a small handful of rejections. I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you. sanford wood
  4. jessievans
    Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum. Happy to be a part of it!
  5. <Gucci>
    <Gucci> It's Gamera!
    1. It's Gamera!
      It's Gamera!
      'sup homeslice
      May 5, 2019
  6. Julietrs
    I just looked through the Arcade and my favorite game is in there Ms. Pacman! Yay!
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  7. Julietrs
    Julietrs Jaded
    Hello Jaded. I'm new and just decided to follow you, because it looks like you have a lot of experience working at Mturk.
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  8. Julietrs
    Julietrs SB_Bryzgalov
    Hi, I just joined this forum too. It's very cool!
  9. Julietrs
    Hello all. Excited to join this forum, read and learn as much as I can!
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  10. katy
    katy Kadauchi
    Hi, could you reset Hit Notifier, many thanks, katy
  11. drpepper1324
    drpepper1324 SininStyle
    ayo m80! droppin dat luv !
  12. Shafia Farhan
    Shafia Farhan
    Eager to earn money
  13. Terry Davis
    Terry Davis
    I only have two shirts and live in a trailer park.
  14. Patricia Johnson
    Patricia Johnson
    Does anyone know why there are no receipts being put on? New turker and working on numbers.
  15. 420TurkItNerd
    Turking myself off
  16. 420TurkItNerd
  17. redbonk
    hit my daily goal for the first time my first week back. thanks for the good vibes and hit links :^)
  18. 420TurkItNerd
    I'm fallnig asleep
  19. honeyb
    Hey everyone! Happy to be a part of the community.
  20. VenomDPro
    Loving the click a choice and submit hits, on auto accept with hundreds of hits available