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New Profile Posts

  1. Mary Heib
    Mary Heib Metallica
    Just sent you a PM requesting help regarding suspension. Hope you will respond.
  2. bringbackjazz
    Reached 501 approved HITs today <img src=" title="Smile :)" />
  3. RAZIA Ali Husain
    RAZIA Ali Husain jklmnop
    Hello, I am a student currently working on my dissertation. I want to post my perception experiment on m-turk and wanted to know what qualifications and other metrics I should use to select my judges. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

  4. bringbackjazz
    Almost at 500 HITs <img src=" title="Big Grin :D" />
  5. Sumith Kulal
    Sumith Kulal
    Active requester, seeking feedback from workers, reach out if interested in helping out <img src=" title="Smile :)" />
  6. Mesden
    Struggle Bus
  7. Ronnie
  8. Phyllis
    Phyllis TSolo315
    Hello which scripts should I download for MTurk? I lost all my scripts went my MAC went to sleep. Thank You
  9. Phyllis
    Phyllis SweetiePuff
    Hello I have been gone for a while. My MAC settled down for a long winter's nap and I'm using my daughter's PC. Which scripts should I use for Murk? Thank You
  10. jtluvkynz
    Just getting this journey "officially" started.
  11. Kendal
    Kendal Metallica
    Hey I sent a PM and I'm wondering if you can help me. Thank you!
  12. FireMonkey
    Back for more!
  13. Ransie
    If you need a hand, you'll find it at the end of your arm.
  14. Ransie
    Talk is cheap.
  15. theturkscribe
    theturkscribe TSolo315
    Thank you for posting those penny pandas!
    1. TSolo315 likes this.
  16. Marquita Floyd
    Marquita Floyd
    Better days are coming
  17. Michelle Thompson
    Michelle Thompson
    I am soon to be the mother of 6 children. I work full time, but am in need of some extra money. Tasks welcome!
  18. hkybaby21
    starting to Mturk again after a mini break
  19. İLHAN
    İLHAN jan
    Hello there
    I'm also now ilhan turkey and a friend's account, 'I work in amazonmturk. turkey unemployed now and I really need this job. Thank you very much for answering me firstly. could you please help me
  20. Sheri JK
    Sheri JK Johnnyrs
    Is there a tutorial on how to use PandaCrazy and HIT catcher? What I really want to know is do I need to click on each collect and catch button to make them green every time I restart my computer/ webpages? I looked on YouTube for a video but I found no answers for that specific question.