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New Profile Posts

  1. theturkscribe
    theturkscribe TSolo315
    Thank you for posting those penny pandas!
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  2. Marquita Floyd
    Marquita Floyd
    Better days are coming
  3. Michelle Thompson
    Michelle Thompson
    I am soon to be the mother of 6 children. I work full time, but am in need of some extra money. Tasks welcome!
  4. hkybaby21
    starting to Mturk again after a mini break
  5. İLHAN
    İLHAN jan
    Hello there
    I'm also now ilhan turkey and a friend's account, 'I work in amazonmturk. turkey unemployed now and I really need this job. Thank you very much for answering me firstly. could you please help me
  6. Sheri JK
    Sheri JK Johnnyrs
    Is there a tutorial on how to use PandaCrazy and HIT catcher? What I really want to know is do I need to click on each collect and catch button to make them green every time I restart my computer/ webpages? I looked on YouTube for a video but I found no answers for that specific question.
  7. kb64
  8. Dhaze
    Probably out getting money.
  9. Turk_Queen
    Turk_Queen Jaded
    Hello, I posted in today's daily thread about the Bad Wolf qual and was wondering how I would send you a PM?
  10. İLHAN
    Life is good
  11. Doc_Weitle
    Howdy all! New to this stuff!
  12. katy
  13. Village2017
    Village2017 Kerek
    Happy Holidays! I just followed you. )
  14. sandrine
    sandrine clickhappier
    Dear "Clickhappier",

    I am a French journalist working on a documentary about crowdworking. I have many questions about your contribution in research on AMT.
    If you prefer to stay anonymous, I can garantee your identity won't be disclosed. Thank a lot! sandrinebaghdad@gmail.com
  15. MamaBear
    Slow and steady wins the prize!
  16. Ransie
    Ransie Jaded
    Hi Jaded, I am Ransie and I would like to speak to you in private, is it possible? How should I do it? Thank you <img src=" title="Smile :)" />
    1. Jaded
      Hi there, I will send you a private message :)
      Nov 26, 2018
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  17. MamaBear
    Temperature 80 degree, Living in Paradise!
  18. SHerlyn Kelley
    SHerlyn Kelley
    I'm loving this in my spare time....
  19. cyndilyn
    cyndilyn CaptainCode
    Hi there, I have a question for you .. but im not sure im posting in the right area? … -lol
  20. MamaBear
    It's all Good!