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New Profile Posts

  1. cyndilyn
    cyndilyn CaptainCode
    Hi there, I have a question for you .. but im not sure im posting in the right area? … -lol
  2. MamaBear
    It's all Good!
  3. Reilly
    Give me some hints, still new to this but not ready to get serious at 1,600 hits
  4. chris ryan
    chris ryan Metallica
    Ps: you can email me with additional information if you like:
  5. chris ryan
    chris ryan Metallica
    I been here since 2016 (mturk) and suddenly yesterday my account was suspended and the reason is for identification verification.

    My question is how long does this process take and is there any other way I can speed it up because I use a large percentage of this for my bills. Is there any other information or emails you can share with me to help this along faster?
    1. Metallica
      Hey Chris,

      I'll be sending you a PM shortly. Sorry, but I completely forgot about you posting this.

      Nov 6, 2018
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  6. JalapenoBusiness
    Its Nacho Problem
  7. EverfreeTree
    EverfreeTree SherryNotShirley
    I tried to post horse, but horse was rejected. Have horse, instead.
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  8. desallemands
    desallemands Kadauchi
    Could you please tell me how or where I could download it, and how it is used ? thank you <img src=" title="Smile :)" /> I appreciate it.
    1. Kadauchi
      Sorry, but it's not quite yet available. It is not quite ready for use by the masses yet and I don't want to ship something that isn't up to my standards.
      Oct 21, 2018
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  9. desallemands
    desallemands Kadauchi
    Kaduchi what is TKR ? IT looks like a program or chrome install ? thanks
    1. Kadauchi
      It's a standalone desktop program.
      Oct 21, 2018
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  10. jemar707
    jemar707 Kadauchi
    Hello, I have found through my searches that you might be the person to ask a question. I am new and can't seem to export blocked list from Hit Forker to Hit Finder. Seems like file type incompatibility. Hit Forker simply throws something on the clipboard and I don't know what format of data it is. I created a long blocked list in Hit Forker but decided to use Hit Finder and don't want to key in all manually.
    1. Kadauchi
      Oct 21, 2018
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  11. Veniteo
    May the lols be with you.
  12. splishsplash
    40 Something Doomer
  13. TwilightMashery
    Happy that it is Fall
  14. ZerdaFennecus
    Always Sleeping
  15. pwrpoll
    Looking for email addresses
  16. GRR
    GRR PastorPeachy
    hi! what happened to the forum? I see we are on the hub...
  17. GRR
    GRR themildone
    hi! what happened to the forum?
    1. themildone
      I don't know :eek: I was asleep.
      Sep 18, 2018
  18. Edwin Lalthansanga
    Edwin Lalthansanga <Gucci>
    who is this requestor Van NG..he had rejected 182 hits for me and my approval rate goes down to 94 due to that i am not qualified for most hits now..not a single approval from him as he kept the remaining hits in pending
  19. GlassReader
    Looking for my lost scraper
  20. Nikoratos
    Nikoratos Jaded
    I saw the link for your book scrolling the Daily Work thread. The one you wrote with your own brain. That is a hard thing to do. Congratulations on this one and good luck getting the rest of them out. That's all I wanted to say.


    Internet Stranger
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    2. Jaded
      Thanks so much :) That's very nice!
      Sep 5, 2018
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