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  1. KittyTacos
    KittyTacos Jaded
    Cover art is important, it's the first thing that catches the eye when browsing search results. Cover art needs to result in a click-through.

    I'm sure you've browsed fantasy on Zon - what's the thread of commonality to the cover art in the top-sellers? Most genres seem to have subject requirements.

    Are these straight fantasy or romantic fantasy?
  2. KittyTacos
    KittyTacos Jaded
    What's your word count? Are you doing your own cover art?
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    2. Jaded
      Word count on the first one is ~80k the second is ~120k, I am not doing my own cover art. I can't draw worth anything. Right now I'm saving up money (from turking and my gofundme/patreon) to pay a cover artist. I have a couple of premade cover sites saved as well, but I sort of want to go with a custom cover.
      Jan 15, 2017 at 8:40 AM
  3. KittyTacos
    KittyTacos Jaded
    Do you self-pub? Would one find you on Amazon?

    Working titles are good. Titling is actually not easy.
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    2. Jaded
      I do plan on self-publishing but I haven't published them yet. They are finished in the sense that there's not a whole lot more to add, but still need polished. I hope to publish the first one sometime in the middle of the year, but that depends on how my rewrite goes :)
      Jan 15, 2017 at 8:32 AM
    3. Jaded
      When I thought it was going to just be one book I was going to call it War of the Sisters, it felt appropriate, but now I feel like it's too long to just be one book. Plus there's a huge break in between the two that just feels like a good 'ending' for book one. (I somehow missed your titling comment until just now!)
      Jan 15, 2017 at 8:43 AM
  4. KittyTacos
    KittyTacos Jaded
    Writing and editing? What do you write?
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    2. Jaded
      I wrote fantasy two books last year, I'm in the process of editing them right now. (Using Grammarly, a couple beta readers and lots of rewriting.) I haven't actually titled each book yet so they are called War of the Sisters 1 & 2 (clever, right?)
      Jan 15, 2017 at 8:20 AM
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  5. SweetiePuff
    Always watching, Wazowski ... always watching <img src=" title="Wink ;)" />
  6. SleepComa
    SleepComa sinon
    hey i just saw that message lol sorry, yeah i love opm!
  7. CherryBomb
    Fortune favors the BOLD!
  8. BirdPerson.
    I'm glad you're here, 'cause you remind me. You filled me up when i had no hope left at all.
  9. Chris W
    Chris W
    Looking to get to work.
  10. frzbgolfer
  11. DogBlood
    Another day, another dollar.
  12. Alex C
    Alex C
    New to Mturk and HITs
  13. harriss143
    I hate you Jody!
  14. BirdPerson.
    Oh what a world Any hack is a myth, any dap is a joke Any map is a trick, any graph is a hoax Ease on down, I'm burning up, I'm bleeding out
  15. BirdPerson.
    And I told her on the way to the choppin' block, "Chaos reigns over us all. One day i'll be worm food but Jenny, first it's your turn"
  16. cheez
    cheez jnalleyne
    so was that a yes? you from the ville?
    1. jnalleyne
      no lol
      Dec 13, 2016
  17. atomicminotaur
    Turkin' and Lurkin'
  18. Taco Tuesday
    1. Timinator
      nah bro
      Dec 9, 2016
  19. GansoBomb
    I only sort of know what I'm doing.
  20. Taco Tuesday
    Taco Tuesday